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Featured products for winter are; Hot Oil Coat Conditioner, HG Serum, Intensify Hair Mask, HiTone Silver.

Liquid Silk Hair Polish Serum

$35.95$65.95 inc GST
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HG Serum – Rapid Hair Repair

$29.95 inc GST
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Glass Pro Coat Laminator

$57.95 inc GST
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HiTone Silver

$22.95 inc GST
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Hot Oil Coat Conditioner

$12.95$59.95 inc GST
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Our Passion

Hi Shine Equine products are leading the way to give you the ultimate edge in the show ring

Complete Product Range

product rangeLike you, we love our horses and we produce the highest quality products for them. Every HSE product is meticulously formulated with premium natural, sustainable ingredients. With over 30 years of equine competition & presentation experience, we know how important the winning look is.

HSE produce equine grooming products for all breeds of horse. Our range of professional skin and hair care products are used in all conditions throughout the year for competition, show ring presentation & every day grooming.